"Man, Was I Wrong": Butch Mapa on "The Comeback"

With Butch Mapa's Throwback comic "The Comeback" ending yesterday, I spoke to Butch to ask him to tell us a bit about his experience working on the project. Here's what he had to say: 

I accepted this gig thinking that it would just be job like any other, but man, was I wrong. I guess in terms of the plot, The Comeback is a fairly typical post-modern superhero story. A group of former heroes decide to get back together for another shot at glory. Heard that before, right? But what I found out while reading the script, and even while drawing the pages, was how easy it was to fall in love with these wonderful characters that my writer, Ben Gilboa, created.

The characterization of each of the principal characters is top-notched, and develops quite organically. Each member of the team goes through a distinct and interesting character arc, sometimes intertwining with others', to build a core group of characters that a reader, and certainly an artist, can root for and be invested in. Did I just admit to relating to an intelligent female gorilla? Mayyyyybe.

But yeah-- I'm sure you'll fall in love with Jenny, Cory, and the rest of the gang like I did. You'll cry when they're at their lowest (and they get pretty low), and you'll smile when they're on top. I had a blast working on this story, and I'm happy Salimbal gives me another opportunity to share it with more people.

Serialization of "The Comeback" has just concluded, so you can now read the adventures of the entire team from start to finish here

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Saturday, September 13, 2014