Paths to Publishing: Free Comics Talk at BGC

Tintin's "Comics School Manila" is hosting a roundtable discussion called PATHS TO PUBLISHING: A free discussion among creators and enthusiasts about new avenues in publishing: webcomics, ashcans, minicomics, graphic novels, and traditional pamphlet comics....what can you do now, and how can you get readers? Paolo Chikiamco and Elbert Or will also be there. You can got the Facebook page here, or read on for more info: 


PATHS TO PUBLISHING: A roundtable discussion about what to do with your comic (or book) once you’ve finished it.

Crunch time. One week before Komikon left.

You’ve drawn, lettered, inked, and colored your masterpiece. Think you’re finished? Nope! That’s only half the job, kiddo. Now you have to figure what to do with it: Publish it on the web? Print it up as a book and sell it at conventions? Make an e-book and put it on the Kindle Store? What next !?!
Join a group of creators, fans, and editors as we discuss these questions, and more.
This is a FREE talk, and all guests are more than welcome to chime in, ask their questions, and say their bits!

We’ll discuss:

  • The ways book and comic publishing are changing.
  • The current state of the indie (and traditional) comic publishing scene; 
  • New avenues to publishing and getting your work in front of readers
  • Possible new ways to make an income from your work
  • How to pitch to publishers AND readers

It’s a wild world out there- digital media and fluctuating readership have opened comics publishing to whole new challenges. The rewards are few, but for the brave and the stubborn, very high indeed! 
Date: November 9, 2014 at The Forum, Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street, BGC, Taguig. 2-5 pm.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014