Remake With Me: Butch Mapa

Today is the first weekly update for "Come With Me", the short comic Butch Mapa illustrated (collaborating with Tim Switalski, and E.T Dollman) for a story by Dan Hill. It's a short comic, only twelve pages long, but it can do a lot with only a few pages because it derives from a very old story with a very long history. I asked Butch to say a few words about the story, to put in the proper context -- what it was like to work on, where he was in his career at that point -- and here's what he told me:

I did this during a period in my career when I was just looking around for exposure opportunities, living off whatever savings I had at that point. I saw a post on a message board asking for creators interested in revamping old fairy tales into more modern stories. The project head seemed like he knew what he was doing, so I signed up.
Come With Me is actually a remake of a Japanese fairy tale called Urashima Taro. I probably shouldn't talk about the legend, since it could spoil some story elements for you guys. But my writer, Dan Hill. came up with an interesting take on our remake. I'm impressed with how much stuff he was able to pack in just a few pages. There's multiple locations, romance, action, sci-fi, a big twist in the end-- a lotta bang for "only" twelve pages.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014