#SalimbalSketches: Best Picture

#SalimbalSketches returns! It's been a while since the Oscars -- guess you can tell we've all been kind of buried in work -- but for those of you planning a movie marathon over the next few days (the tail end of Holy Week is a public holiday in the Philippines) here are some tributes by Salimbal members to their favorite films of 2014… and a picture of a girl and a dog form Cristina, because when she saw "Best Picture" as our theme, she immediately thought that it simply must be an image of a cute dog with a cute girl. Never change Tina ;)

*Elbert Or - Song of the Sea.

* Andrew Drilon - Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

* Mico Dimagiba - Whiplash.

* Cristina Chua - Girl With Dog! (Note: Not an actual movie. Though I'd watch it!)

Thursday, April 2, 2015