#SalimbalSketches: FAQ (July 28, 2014)

We've been running #SalimbalSketches events over the past few weeks, and after the massive success that was the #PinoyMagicalGirls theme, we decided to put together a short F.A.Q.

What is #SalimbalSketches ?

Patterned after #SketchDailies, #SalimbalSketches  is an event that prompts creators to make artworks that fall under a weekly theme or subject. The submissions are collected every Friday in a post that also announces the theme or subject for the following week..

Who can join #SalimbalSketches ?

Anyone. You don't have to be a member or partner of Studio Salimbal. You don't have to be a great artist. All you need is a submission for the week's theme. Just post your piece publicly on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook and tag it with #SalimbalSketches.

Is this a contest? Is there a prize?

Er, nope. it's just for fun/inspiration/practice!

What will #SalimbalSketches do with my submission?

We'll share it on social media and include it in compilation posts such as this one.  We also reserve the right to drool over its awesomeness.

The week went by so fast! Can I still submit to a past theme/subject?

Sure, but we can't promise to share or compile non-current submissions. Will do our best though!

Can you give us a hint as to future topics?

July 25-August 1: UNLIKELY KARITONS/VENDING MACHINES. A vending machine that gives anting-anting? Karitons for broken hearts? Let your creative capitalist imaginations run wild!

August 1-August 8: PHILIPPINE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Philippine-themed space captains, galactic princes, alien warriors! Or the Guardians of the Galaxy interacting with Filipino characters or in a Philippine environment. Extra points (though the points don't matter!) for Mythspace x Guardians of the Galaxy art.

August 8-August 15: IRON GIANT TRIBUTE. The classic is 15 years old! Time for an art celebration...

Saturday, July 26, 2014