#SalimbalSketches: Philippine Magical Girls

Well, this week's #SalimbalSketches was A-MA-ZING. Maybe that's because we had two weeks to do the art due to last week's storm, or maybe it's because Philippine Magical Girls is something we should be doing ALL THE TIME YOU GUYS. Regardless, there's some excellent excellent work here, and thank you to everyone who participated!

Before we get to the contributors, here's the theme for next week's #SalimbalSketches: UNLIKELY VENDING KARITONS or MACHINES. A Vending machine that gives you a selection of anting-anting? A Kariton that barters for broken hearts? Let your creative capitalist imaginations run wild! Send in your art or post and tag 'em by next Thursday, July 31. :)

Now, our contributors for this week, in order of the images above:

(1) Jejegirl from Elbert Or
(2) Darna  Girl from @Gatusboy
(3) Sampaguita+Pearls Girl from Abigail Dela Cruz
(4) Headhunter Sun from Mico Dimagiba
(5) Selfie Girl from Toni Sibayan

(6) Vinta Girl from Koi Carreon
(7) Flower Fest Girl from Cristina Rose Chua
(8) Magic Sing Girl from Cy Vendivil
(9) Halo Halo Girl (Extra Ube) from Tintin Pantoja
(10) Sailor Bekibells from

(11) Sailor Palengkerang Masungit from Tye Tan & John dela Cruz
(12) Sailor Central Luzon (Mostly) by Patti Ramos

(13) Sailor Kikay by James Claridades
(14) Sailor Manananggal by Andreal

(15) Sailor Jeepney by Jules Gregorio
(16) Sailor Reyna Elena by Natasha Ringor
(17) Adarna Girl by Jemuel Bernaldez

(18) Sailor Sisa by Paul Quiroga

(19) Sailor Sorbethess by Lorra Angbue-Te

Friday, July 25, 2014