#SalimbalSketches: Philippines + Guardians of the Galaxy

Last week, the topic for #SalimbalSketches was Philippine-themed Guardians of the Galaxy fan art. From Filipino-themed space characters to mash-ups with Mythspace, we have a new batch of #SalimbalSketches to share with you all. Thank you to everyone who participated, and to Guardians of the Galaxy for being an awesome movie.

This week's topic: The Iron Giant, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the classic!

[Descriptions in the order they appear in the comic above.]


A #GotG inspired character for #SalimbalSketches from Abigail Dela Cruz! She says this about the great design:

"Codename is "Ka", loosely based on Haliya, a philippine moon goddess. Cool fact that Haliya has an archenemy who was a giant moon-eating sea serpent named Bakunawa"

Groot + Bros (Mythspace protagonist) from Elbert Or!

Hooked on a Mash-up - GotG x Mythspace from Mico Dimagiba for #SalimbalSketches


Pinoy Star-Lord for our #GotG themed #SalimbalSketches ,listening to Mike Hanopol & Rey Valera, from the wonderful Patricia Ramos!


Here's Koi Carreon doing a non-Mythspace take on a space kapre hero!

If the #GotG have Rocket Raccoon, maybe the Philippines could have Trippy Tarsier by Francis X. Ijares #SalimbalSketches


How about a little #RP612fic with your #SalimbalSketches? The Lord is on the Star-Lord's side in this piece 'Legendary Yet Now Outlaw' by Norby Ela! #GotG


What good is a rocket that can't fly? Rocket Raccoon + Mythspace's Va-Lis-Ya from Jules Gregorio!


A Kataw and Tblng pull off a Rocket & Groot Special via Cristina Chua (something that was actually scripted in an early draft of Mythspace: Humanity)


"I got this junk from a nerd in an iron suit." A spacey and awesome character design inspired by Tala (Tagalo Goddess of the Stars) by

Sunday, August 10, 2014