#SalimbalSketches : SIRENA

Here's our second #SalimbalSketches member roundup for 2015. The topic this week was "Sirena." The times for the quick sketches ranged from 10 minutes to around 90. As always, feel free to join in, just tag your images with #SalimbalSketches so we can find them.

Without further ado, in order of appearance above:

* Andrew Drilon
* Elbert Or
* Koi Carreon
* Jemuel Bernaldez
* Butch Mapa
* Cristina Chua
* Mico Dimagiba
* Tintin Pantoja
* Paul Quiroga
* Jules Gregorio
*Borg Sinaban
* Mervin Malonzo


Sunday, February 1, 2015